Virtual March for “Smart” Immigration Reform

A coalition of high tech companies and bipartisan politicians, “The Partnership for a New American Economy” are planning a Virtual March on Washington D.C. supporting “Smart” Immigration Reform. “The March for Innovation“, is planned for the Spring, but no specific date has been set.

Their main goal is to make sure that comprehensive immigration reform includes provisions to attract and keep the world’s top college graduates and entrepreneurs in this country. On the subject of college graduates they stated, “Power our innovation economy by granting permanent residency to the world’s leading graduates in science, engineering, technology, and math who receive advanced degrees from U.S. universities. We currently train many of the world’s leading innovators in our universities only to send them abroad to compete against us.” On attracting and keeping entrepreneurs they stated, “Drive new business creation by providing visas to entrepreneurs who want to come to America to start businesses and create jobs. Countries like Canada, UK, Australia, Chile, and Singapore give visas and roll out the red carpet for entrepreneurs. We turn them away.”

By now you are probably asking, what is a virtual march? A virtual march in this case is an organized flooding of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter to inform congress and the country on the subject of smart immigration reform. To review their goals in more details and maybe even sign up, review the home page for “The March for Innovation”.

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