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1) What are the requirements for an E3 Australian VisaThe E3 Australian visa is a specialty occupation nonimmigrant visa that requires: (1) that you are a national of Australia; (2) you have a legitimate offer of employment by a U.S. employer; (3) the position offered is a specialty occupation (requiring at least the attainment of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a specific specialty; and (4) you have the necessary academic or other qualifying credentials to fill the position. 

2) What is the process for obtaining an E3 Australian VisaIf you are outside of the United States applying from Australia, you would petition the Consulate directly. You would need proof of the legitimate job offer, a letter of support from the U.S. employer, a certified Labor Condition Application (LCA) from the Department of Labor (DOL), and your academic or other qualifying credential documentation available for review. Once all of these items are gathered, you would proceed with scheduling an E3 nonimmigrant visa appointment by completing Form DS-160 and submitting it to the Department of State (DOS), along with all requested documentation to establish eligibility. You would then appear for your interview at the scheduled date and time. If successful, your E3 visa will be issued and placed in your passport. 

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On Tuesday, July 16th, the USCIS issued policy guidance on some new provisions in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). These provisions cover the consequences for noncompliance with the EB-5 Regional Center program, such as sanctions, terminations, debarments and suspensions! 

For further details please review the USCIS News Alert, “New Policy Guidance on Noncompliance with EB-5 Regional Center Program“. 

Source of Information: 

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We wanted to find a new way to engage our reader base. Every other Friday, we will post the ten (10) best/most frequently asked questions received during the week from our h1bvisalawyerblog, Facebook, and Twitter readers. We will answer those questions and provide the Q&A on our H-1B Visa Lawyer Blog.

If you have a burning question, are seeking assistance with a difficult immigration related case, wish to discuss your views on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, DREAMers, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, priority dates, the monthly visa bulletin, adjustment applications, etc., please contact us by submitting your question/comment/viewpoint in our comment box provided on our H-1B Visa Lawyer Blog.

Our next “Q & A Forum” will take place this Friday, July 19, 2024. Act now and submit your questions!

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This is a very interesting Factsheet, Eligible to Naturalize Factsheet: Buffalo-Cheektowaga, NY , published by USCIS using Office of Homeland Security Statistics data from June 5, 2024! This well put together Factsheet provides information on selected characteristics of people with Lawful Permanent Residence (LPR) status in the Buffalo-Cheektowaga, NY area. There are 21,120 (Green Card holders) in this area of the country that are eligible to be naturalized U.S. citizen after meeting the requirements! 

For more information, please review the USCIS Factsheet, “Eligible to Naturalize Factsheet: Buffalo-Cheektowaga, NY“! 

Source of Information: 

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On Monday, July 8, 2024, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that they were extending the designation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for the country of Yemen for 18 months, beginning on September 4, 2024 and ending on March 3, 2026! The announcement states that TPS would be given to due to conditions in the country Yemen that prevent individuals from safely returning! Secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas stated, “The steps the Department of Homeland Security has taken today will allow certain Yemenis currently residing in the United States to remain and work here until conditions in their home country improve.”!

For further details please review the DHS Press Release, “Secretary Mayorkas Announces Extension and Redesignation of Yemen for Temporary Protected Status


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The Department of State has released its latest Visa Bulletin.

Click the link to view the August 2024 Visa Bulletin

The monthly Visa Bulletin has changed. The bulletin now summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during the reported month for: “Application Final Action Dates” (consistent with prior Visa Bulletins) and “Dates for Filing Applications,” indicating when immigrant visa applicants should be notified to assemble and submit required documentation to the National Visa Center using Consular Processing (outside of the US) or file on their own with USCIS Form I-485 (within the US).

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be holding online Tech Talks sessions to give participants an opportunity to have some of their questions answered about online accounts. This June 4th session will cover the new online N-400, Application for Naturalization and will be held on Tuesday, August 6, 2024, between 2:00 to 2:45 pm (Eastern). 

For more information, please review the USCIS Upcoming National Engagements Webpage, “USCIS Tech Talks”! 

Please use Microsoft Teams to join the engagement and the link is below. 

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