Undocumented Immigrants – Weekly List of Top News Stories!

List of Top News Stories from the last two weeks related to Undocumented Immigrants:



BBC News (BBC.com), 5/18/17:

ICE arrests of suspected undocumented immigrants rose by 38% in the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, according to government data.

Immigration arrests surge 40% under Trump


The Orange County Register (OCregister.com), 5/17/17:

Immigration detainees facing deportation have no right to government-appointed counsel, so Orange County, CA is starting an immigration legal defense fund.

Santa Ana wants to create legal defense fund for immigration detainees facing deportation


Boston Business Journal (bizjournals.com), 5/18/17:

With the Trump administration putting the topic of immigration in the limelight in recent months, a new report from MIT sheds some light on how much immigrants contribute to the Greater Boston economy.

Economic effects of restricting immigration called ‘grim’ in MIT report

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