New USCIS Home Page Layout and Look!

USCIS has re-designed their website’s Home Page, with the hope that it will be easier to navigate! Listed below are some of the new design features that have been included.


New design features included:

  • An announcement ribbon featuring important or breaking news
  • Easy access to our most sought-after online tools
  • Prominent links to information to important online processes
  • A multi-media educational panel at the bottom of the page
  • An animated link at the top right corner of each page
  • A larger search box, bigger navigation buttons and a more consistent look on mobile devices
  • Social media icons at the top of the page and in color to make them easier to find and use


Update:  USCIS new Home Page is online!



Source of Information:, 3/15/18, News Alert:

New Home Page and Website Header, USCIS Home Page:

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