Meet Emma, USCIS’ New Website Virtual Assistant

The USCIS web site now has a new Virtual Assistant (VA) to help you with site specific searches. “Emma” is the name of the VA and she is located in the upper right corner of the USCIS website, right beside the normal search function.

Emma can answer your questions and even take you right to what you are looking for. Just click, “Ask a Question” or Emma’s picture and a text box will appear. Next, type in your question and hit the “Send” button to get your results.

Try it, it’s easy and the more everyone uses it – the smarter and more helpful it becomes!

For more detailed information about this subject please review the USCIS Web Page, “Meet Emma, Our Virtual Assistant“.

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Meet Emma, Our Virtual Assistant, 12/2/15, News Article:
USCIS Launches Virtual Assistant – Emma Gives Customers Another Option for Finding Answers