Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination Allegations with Hoover Inc.

The Justice Department settled with Hoover Inc. on November 10, after allegations that the company had been implementing discriminatory employment practices such as imposing excessive procedures for permanent residents going through the I-9 process.

The investigation into Hoover Inc. revealed that the company was requiring all legal permanent residents to reproduce new green cards after theirs had expired while US citizen employees were not required to submit any documentation. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, employees are prohibited from treating a permanent resident employee any differently than any US citizen.

The terms of the settlement between the Justice Department and Hoover Inc. included Hoover Inc. paying $10,200 in civil liberties as well as requiring the company to begin training its human resource personnel about nondiscriminatory practices. Follow up reports are required to be sent the Department of Justice for one year.

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