A busload of Migrants was sent by Texas to the State Capital of Colorado!

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A busload of migrants was dropped off at the State Capitol building in Denver, Colorado, thanks to the state of Texas! Denver city officials feel this is just part of a new wave of chartered buses being sent out of Texas! This group was dropped off around 8:30 am, on Monday morning and there were about 40 to 50 people on board the bus. Evan Dreyer, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Denver Mayor stated, “The state of Texas, the governor’s office, has contracted with two or three different bus companies to transport migrants out of Texas to various locations around the country, Denver being one of those locations,” He also said, “That’s our understanding, and that’s how this has operated for several months. Denver has received more than 200 charter buses direct from Texas over the last six months.”

For further details please review the Denver Post News Article, “Busload of migrants is dropped off at state Capitol in Denver“. 


Source of Information: 

Denver Post (denverpost.com), 12/4/23, News Article: 

Busload of migrants is dropped off at state Capitol in Denver


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