USCIS Updates Welcome Guide for New Immigrants

On November 2nd, USCIS announced that they have updated their guide for new immigrants entitled, “Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants“. This newly published guide gives practical advice and information to help immigrants settle into life here in the United States. The guide is now available in 14 different languages.

Updates include:
• Revised and updated general information on policies, programs and resources;
• A refreshed layout and design;
• A new chapter called “Taking Care of Your Money” on personal finance, taxes and financial scams; and • A new chapter called “Understanding Education and Health Care” on the education system, adult education programs and the health insurance marketplace.

You can download free copies in 14 languages from USCIS’s web site or you can purchase printed copies in English, Spanish, and Chinese through the U.S. Government Bookstore.

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USCIS Updates Welcome Guide for New Immigrants, 10/7/15, Web Page:
Welcome to the United States

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