U.S. Department of State Expedites Student Visa Processing

The U.S. Department of State touched on the current efforts to gain attention from future international leaders to take advantage of stellar educational opportunities here in the United States, during International Education Week. The State Department also is aware of the social, intellectual, and economic benefits that foreign students bring with them to this country. That being said, the Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs expedites student visas for those qualified foreign students that will begin their academic program on time. The maximum wait for a student visa is less than 15 days, with the earliest application time for foreign students is 120 days before the academic program begins.

With a current emphasis on international education as a critical part of succeeding in the global marketplace, the Unites States has brought a 9% increase of international education during the 2010/11 academic year as well as $21.3 billion dollars into the domestic economy from foreign students.

An increase in international education promotes mutual understanding and respect between Americans and other international citizens.

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