Q&A: The Senate Immigration Bill

With so many different stories about Immigration Reform being published, I appreciated this news article written for the New York Times: “Q. and A.: The Senate Immigration Bill“. The main reason I like this article is because it includes real questions from the public. Julia Preston, the national immigration correspondent for The New York Times invited readers to send in Immigration Reform related questions. The answers are her responses to ten selected questions. With the proposed Immigration Reform bill being 844 pages it is hard to pin point the issues that interest the public the most. We know what interests most politicians; you can read it every day in press releases and articles. This is in no way a statistical cross-section but I find it thought-provoking and I hope you do too. I think it also shows the true story of immigration is very personal.

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nytimes.com (4/22/13) article:
Q. and A.: The Senate Immigration Bill

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