Nigerian Man Stripped of U.S. Citizenship

After an investigation led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) Ibraheem Adeneye, a Nigerian native, was stripped of his US citizenship on December 6. His citizenship was revoked after being convicted of marriage fraud, naturalization fraud, and giving false statements to a federal agent.

Since it is no longer legal for him to reside in the United States because of his stripped citizenship, Adeneye is now facing deportation. The investigation by ICE HSI uncovered that Adeneye was setting up sham marriages between US citizens and Nigerians so that they could obtain immigration benefits like citizenship. The US citizens involved in the sham marriages received monetary payment to help the Nigerians. Adeneye was caught by authorities after a previous wife of his became a confidential informant (CI). Specifically, he was caught when he came into contact with an undercover agent (UCA). The UCA posed a US citizen willing to enter into a sham marriage with a Nigerian, which Adeneye arranged and brokered. Local officials were aware of the ongoing operation.

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