Immigration News – Top News Stories – Trial of the Homeland Security Secretary

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List of some of the Top News Stories related to the trial of the Homeland Security Secretary: 

All the news stories below detail the Republican impeachment and now trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas which will most likely die in the Democratic controlled Senate! 


ABC News (, 4/17/24:

Senate kills Mayorkas impeachment trial, votes both articles ‘unconstitutional’


MSNBC Opinion (, 4/16/24: 

Republicans’ Mayorkas impeachment farce will die a worthy death in the Senate 


The Guardian News (, 4/17/24: 

Senate begins Republican-led impeachment trial for homeland security secretary – live 


Politico News (, 4/16/24: 

The White House is monitoring Mayorkas impeachment — but not actively working the trial 


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