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CNN News (, 9/10/18:

Sessions criticizes immigrants’ attorneys before immigration judges

On Monday, September 10th, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a new group of immigration judges that their job was to “restore the rule of law” to the immigration system! Sessions feels that immigration lawyers are the NEW enemy!


Numbers USA (, 9/13/18:

AG Sessions Announces 50% Increase in Immigration Judges

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced plans to increase the number of immigration judges by 50% before the end of the year.


Southern California Public Radio (, 9/17/18:

Will more immigration judges in LA ease a growing backlog of cases?

On September 10th, Attorney General Jeff Sessions welcomed 44 new immigration judges to the nation’s immigration courts. There are currently about 350 immigration judges nationally and they handle around 750,000 cases each year with a growing backlog.

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