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CBS News (, 8/31/22:

The facts behind the high number of migrants arriving at the border under Biden

The United States still has too many migrant arrivals along the U.S. southern border that are straining government resources! This includes migrants from Cuba and Venezuela, that have set new records.



Roll Call (, 9/1/22: 

Klobuchar, Murkowski raise concerns over work permit delays 

There are still thousands of Ukrainians who arrived in the U.S. after Russia’s invasion still waiting on for their work authorization documents and Senators Klobuchar and Murkowski want to know why. 



Reuters (, 9/1/22: 

Texas governor buses migrants to Chicago amid border security dispute 

The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott is now busing migrants to Chicago, the first bus load of 60 arrived last Wednesday. He has already bused about 7,000 migrants to New York and Washington, D.C.! 

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