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List of some of the Top News Stories related to Immigration:


NPR News (, 7/24/23: 

Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro says Gov. Greg Abbott’s immigration policies are inhumane 

The Department of Justice plans to sue Texas for refusing to remove razor wire and giant buoys installed by them to discourage migrants from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. This is an NPR News radio interview with U.S. Congressman, Joaquin Castro, Democrat from Texas about the subject. 


CBS News (, 7/22/23: 

Fifth bus of migrants arrives in Los Angeles via Texas 

Another bus containing migrants sent by the state of Texas arrived in Los Angeles Saturday, this is the fifth to arrive since June 14th. 


Global Village Space (, 7/23: 

Canadian immigration policy attracting tech workers should be a warning to U.S., lawyers say 

The popularity of Canada’s new Tech Worker Program should be sending a warning to U.S. Immigration Officials! The new program is aimed at attracting immigrants in the United States holding H1-B visas to Canada!

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