DACA Statistics – USCIS Update through 4/30/13

These USCIS statistics on DACA cases from 8/15/12 to 4/30/13 show a total of 497,960 DACA requests accepted for processing, 483,907 biometric services appointments scheduled, and 291,859 requests approved.

The data also shows the number of accepted and approved requests from the top countries of origin and the top states of residence. Mexico was the top county of origin with 375,568 received to date and 230,821 approved. California was the top state of residence with 141,367 received to date and 87,142 approved.

View the (.PDF) USCIS Report, “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Process (May, 2013)

For further information regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, please visit www.uscis.gov/childhoodarrivals.

Source of Information: “USCIS Performance Data (Posted 5/17/13)”

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