Will premium processing increase the chances of making the FY2015 H-1B quota?

Filing an H-1B petition requesting premium processing will not increase the chances of obtaining an H-1B under the quota. If you request premium processing and the case is accepted for processing, the 15 day premium processing window will start no later than April 28, 2014, according to the USCIS news alert issued 3/25/2014. Please note that one seeming benefit of filing a cap subject H-1B petition with a request for premium processing is that a receipt notice may be issued faster than if filed under regular processing. Therefore, the petitioner and beneficiary may confirm sooner that the petition has been chosen in the lottery.

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USCIS to Accept H-1B Petitions for Fiscal Year 2015 Beginning April 1, 2014

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USCIS to Begin Premium Processing of H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions by April 28, 2014

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How Do I Use the Premium Processing Service?

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