Washington State, first-in-the-nation, moves around UPL by formally licensing non-lawyers to provide legal services

Guest Blogger: Klaudia Hall, Esq.

Washington State will start this spring licensing legal technicians, non-lawyers, to provide legal advice and assistance to clients in certain areas of law without the supervision of a lawyer. Also known as “triple-LTs,” they will be free to set their own fees, work independently of lawyers, and open their own offices. To become an LLLT, an applicant must have at least an associate’s degree and complete 45 credit hours of core curriculum taught at community colleges in the state. Proponents maintain that LLLTs will help to address the justice gap where low income people with legal problems are unable to obtain or afford legal representation.

*UPL = Unauthorized Practice of Law

Link for the complete article:

ABA Journal, 1/1/15, Article:
Washington state moves around UPL, using legal technicians to help close the justice gap

Post contributed by Guest Blogger: Klaudia Hall, Esq.

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