Virginia Business Owners Harbored Illegal Aliens

On November 23, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) sentenced Bao Ping Wang and Trang Lu to 18 months in prison with two months probation for hiring and harboring illegal aliens. Along with their sentencing, the two defendants were required to pay $1.2 million, a combination of fines and payback of illegal proceeds gained. In addition, Wang agreed to deport from the US after serving out his sentence.

Wang and Lu managed companies called Hi-Tech Trucking, Inc. and SeaLands Food where they employed both legal and illegal workers. Wang and Lu knowingly hired the illegal workers, as they did not have proper documentation and credentials. The two also provided residence and food for their illegal employees. Their bank records showed that they made payments for the properties the illegal employees were staying at.

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