VIBE SnapShot- Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises

A new web-based tool called “Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises” (VIBE) is being introduced by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to enhance the adjudication of certain employment-based immigration petitions.

VIBE functions by compiling basic information about companies/organizations who petition on behalf of alien workers to confirm authenticity. Currently, USCIS uses documentation submitted by the employer to adjudicate the case. When insufficient documentation is submitted, USCIS issues a Request for Evidence (RFE). This request for additional documentation delays the process of adjudicating the petition.

With the new VIBE program in place, USCIS can electronically receive information about the company/organization through an independent provider. Some of the information USCIS will soon be receiving about the petitioner includes: financial standing, number of employees, relationships with other entities, business activities, status, company executives, and date of establishment as an entity.

Additionally, USCIS assures it will not deny a petition based on information received through VIBE without giving the petitioner an opportunity to respond. USCIS is hopeful the introduction of VIBE will increase efficiency in the review of petitions, reduce the number of RFEs issued and further down the road eliminate the need to submit identical documentation with the filing of each new petition.

Questions regarding RFEs or NOIDs involving information received through VIBE can be sent to