USCIS Teleconference – 2D Barcode Forms Technology – Tuesday, 11/6/13

I participated in the USCIS Teleconference on their development and use of 2D Barcode Forms Technology. I have included some of the main points covered during this discussion.

Points Covered in Teleconference:

  • As the new 2D form is filled out a unique 2D barcode is created.
  • USCIS will at some point release the code for the 2D forms to the public so they can develop their own versions of the forms.
  • USCIS will NOT test 3rd party developed 2D forms!
  • Some of their forms are being created using 3D barcodes and this discussion did not cover that.
  • If the 2D barcode is not printed or developed correctly don’t use it!

Q&A (partial):

Q – If after a 2D form is filled out and completed and its unique 2D barcode is developed can you delete or change the form and will the 2D barcode also change?
A – USCIS developers in this teleconference could not answer that question.

Q – When the USCIS accepts a 3rd party form, isn’t that a form of testing? So why not test ahead of time?
A – We (USCIS) will not be responsible for 3rd party developed forms of any kind!

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2-D bar codes carry information in two directions, both vertically and horizontally. 2-D bar codes are capable of holding tens and even hundreds of times as much information as 1-D bar codes or the kind of bar codes we see on products for sale at stores.
USCIS will publish high-volume forms with 2D barcode technology. Their website* states, “When you complete these forms using a computer, the barcode at the bottom of the page will store the data entered on the form. We will be able to scan the information from the barcode and upload it directly to USCIS systems, allowing us to improve data quality and operational efficiency.”

*, 7/26/13, Web Page: USCIS Form Improvements Initiative

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