USCIS Online Response to COVID-19

USCIS announced on March 18th that they have suspended routine in-person services, they have now extended that public closure until at least June 4th. USCIS will continue to operate but without public personal contact. USCIS will provide very limited emergency services that require personal contact; you must contact the USCIS Contact Center for more information. I have also listed the different subjects and actions available online below:

  • Field Office Appointments and Rescheduling
  • Application Support Center Appointments and Rescheduling
  • Asylum Appointments
  • Naturalization Oath Ceremonies
  • Certain Requests for Evidence, etc.
  • Update: USCIS Temp. Amends Certain H-2A
  • Extension of Stay/Change of Status
  • Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion
  • Special Situations

Please visit this page for more information: USCIS Response to COVID-19


Source of Information:
USCIS (, 4/29/20, Web Page: USCIS Response to COVID-19

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