USCIS Increasing the Premium Processing Fee

On Wednesday, October 30th, USCIS announced that beginning December 2, 2019 they would be increasing the fee for some premium processing requests. The premium processing fee for both Forms, I-129 and I-140 will increase. The fee for requesting premium processing for these two forms will increase from $1,410 to $1,440. USCIS states that the increase is tied to an increase in inflation using the Consumer Price Index.

*Premium processing is an optional service currently authorized for certain petitioners filing Forms I-129 or I-140. The system allows petitioners to request 15-day processing of these forms if they pay an extra fee. The premium processing fee is paid in addition to the base filing fee and any other applicable fees. It cannot be waived. * USCIS


For further details please review the USCIS News Release, “USCIS Adjusting Premium Processing Fee”.



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USCIS (, 10/30/19, News Release:

USCIS Adjusting Premium Processing Fee


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