USCIS Director Resigns

USCIS announced on Friday, May 24th that L. Francis Cissna had resigned as Director effective June 1st. L. Francis Cissna wrote, “At the request of the President, I submitted my resignation today effective June 1, 2019,”! He has been the Director of USCIS since October 8, 2017 and was appointed by President Trump. This seems to be part of last month’s leadership removals at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in which former Sec. of DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen was forced to resign along with others.


For more detailed information about this subject please review the CNN News Article, “Trump’s Citizenship and Immigration Services director out“.



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Trump’s Citizenship and Immigration Services director out


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Trump pushes out head of largest immigration agency — and wants Ken Cuccinelli instead

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