Update – Trump Administration to Impose New Rules Targeting H-1B Visas

The Trump administration announced additional immigration reforms on Tuesday, October 6th, making it more difficult for skilled foreign workers to acquire visas, specifically, the H-1b visa. The rule will take effect in 60 days and was done without a public comment period! It was done as an interim final rule (IFR), in order to speed up the process.

Changes made by the new rules:

  • Narrow the definition of “specialty occupation” by redefining and updating regulations
  • Limit an H-1B visa to one year for a worker placed at a third-party worksite, and
  • Increase DHS’s enforcement with more worksite inspections and active compliancy monitoring at all phases of the H-1b petition.


At the same time, a new Department of Labor rule will go into effect requiring employers to increase the pay to H-1B recipients.


Please review The Hill news article for more detailed information: Trump administration to impose new rules targeting H-1B visas


Update: Please review Homeland Security News Release for more detailed information: Department of Homeland Security and Department of Labor Rule Restores Integrity to H-1B Visa Program



Source of Information:

The Hill (thehill.com), 10/6/20, News Article:

Trump administration to impose new rules targeting H-1B visas

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