Trump sending National Guard troops to Mexico border!

On Tuesday, April 3rd, President Trump announced to reporters that he was sending the Military to guard the southern border with Mexico, even surprising his own advisers.

The White House is suggesting the plan will be similar to President Bush’s plan, Operation Jump Start. Under that plan the National Guard played a support role to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). National Guard troopers gathered intelligence and passed it along to the CBP. The National Guard did not get involved in capturing immigrants and were NOT allowed to use force unless they were attacked first.

Illegal border crossings slowed during President Trump’s first year in office but apprehensions at the U.S. – Mexico border have begun to increase, up from 23,555 in February 2017 to 36,695 in February 2018!


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Trump sending National Guard troops to Mexico border, but they won’t have contact with immigrants, 4/4/18, News Article:

President Trump Wants to Send Troops to the Border. Obama and Bush Tried That Too

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