Third Conspirator Sentenced in 55 Million Dollar Visa Fraud Scheme

Following an investigation by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Florida resident, Eduardo Dozzi Barbugli, was convicted of visa fraud, alien smuggling, and conspiracy. ICE HSI sentenced Barbugli to 20 months in federal prison on December 1 and he was also ordered to pay a fine of $55 million dollars, representing the amount he had gained illegally through his conspiracy.

In addition, Eduardo’s parents were also convicted for their part in the conspiracy and sentenced on October 14. Through the visa fraud, the Barbugli’s supplied illegal workers to more than 160 hotels. The Barbugli’s helped more than 1,000 illegal aliens enter the U.S. on fraudulent H-2B visas. To show that the companies they where supplying the workers to had a legitimate need, the Barbugli’s created shell companies and hid the fact the all workers in fact were employed by the same company, VR Services. Since Barbugli is an illegal immigrant working in the U.S. from Brazil, he will be deported after serving out his sentence.

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