The WHYs of Immigration Reform

I have just reviewed a blog written on the question of WHY. The blog post is entitled, “The WHY?s of Immigration Reform 2013” and it was posted on the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Leadership Blog. At first I thought they meant “WHY Immigration Reform.” Quickly I understood it was about why were so many people, whom the government calls stakeholders excluded from the discussions and why the same people who failed at this type of reform in the past seem to be out front with proposals.

There are many WHY questions being asked in this post; however, the author points out that his list of almost forty some questions does not include every question that needs to be asked. Author Michael Mandel (AILA Media Advocacy Committee Member) states, “Of course this list is not exhaustive, and many of the answers are obvious. But I do believe there is value in the asking”. We at MVP Law Group believe that these kinds of questions need to be included in the discussion.

MVP Law Group would like our blog readers to email us with your own questions or comments about Immigration Reform. We may include them in future blog posts on the subject! Remember, MVP Law Group always invites Immigration related questions for our bimonthly Immigration Q&A Forum!

I have included the link to the AILA Blog post that I discussed here for your review. I have also included an email link for you to send your questions and/or comments on this and other important immigration subjects.

– AILA Leadership Blog post, “The WHY?s of Immigration Reform 2013”

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