Some DACA Recipients Who Received 3-Year Work Permits Must Return Them Immediately

In response to the injunction in Texas v. United States, USCIS is requiring approximately 2,000 individuals to whom 3-year Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) were issued after the February 16, 2015 injunction, to return their EADs to the USCIS by July 17th or show cause.

The USCIS letter sent to the affected individuals stated, “USCIS must receive your EAD by 7/17/15. Failure to return the invalid EAD without good cause may affect your deferred action and employment authorization.”

This does not affect EADs that were issued before the injunction. Also, and most important – these affected individuals have already been issued a new 2-year EAD as a replacement for the invalid 3-year EAD.

New online resources are now available at USCIS’s web site, the links are included below:
• A new online tool that three-year DACA recipients can use to verify whether they need to return their work permit • A new quick facts Web page • A fact sheet (also available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog and Vietnamese)

Note: Failure to return card, USCIS will terminate your DACA and all employment authorizations effective July 31, 2015.

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URGENT: Some DACA Recipients Who Received Three-Year Work Permits Must Return Them Immediately, 7/28/15, News Article:
Immigration Officials Issue Reminder on Deferred Action Deadline

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