Recent Immigrants experience first Thanksgiving at Annual St. Louis Event

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Hundreds of people in St. Louis, MO, many of them recent immigrants to the United States were invited for a Thanksgiving Dinner, which in some cases was their first taste of this American tradition! The International Institute of St. Louis and other local organizations have been holding this potluck dinner since the 1980s. Krissy Durant, the institute’s director of communications stated, “It’s an opportunity to come together and to have a welcoming atmosphere and to bring everyone together in community whether they’re from the United States, like many of our volunteers are, or whether they are immigrants and to showcase some of the hospitality and welcoming that we have to offer here in St. Louis,”! 

For further details please review the St. Louis Post-Dispatch News Article, “Recent immigrants experience first Thanksgiving at annual St. Louis event”.  


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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11/20/23, News Article: 

Recent immigrants experience first Thanksgiving at annual St. Louis event 

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