MVP Law Group, P.A. wins AWARD for the “Best Law Firm for Temporary Visas – USA”

2014 Global Mobility & Immigration Award Winners Announced!

The online magazine, “Acquisition International” has announced the winners of the, “2014 Global Mobility & Immigration Awards”. I’m proud to announce that for 2014, MVP Law Group, P.A. has won the “Best Law Firm for Temporary Visas – USA“.

Since 2010, Acquisition International Magazine’s annual awards have been celebrating excellence, innovation and performance across the business, legal, financial and investment communities.

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MVP Law Group, P.A. winner of the 2014 award for the “Best Law Firm for Temporary Visas – USA”. We are listed on page 41 of the, “2014 Global Mobility & Immigration Awards” listing.

Source of Information:

– Acquisition International Magazine’s Annual Awards

– 2014 Global Mobility & Immigration Awards

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