Man Indicted By a Federal Grand Jury for Defrauding Foreign National Employees

Opas Sinprasong came to the U.S. from Thailand on an E2 Non-Immigrant Principal Investor visa to run his restaurants all over Colorado. He began bringing over Thai nationals to work in his restaurants because of their specialized skills. Sinprasong then began his fraud; he first made his workers pay a substantial bond, $3,000 more for their visa fees and if anything happened to him they were liable for a monetary penalty. Since Sinprasong paid them “under the table” he was also able to defraud the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) because he never paid his workers for their overtime, therefore the reports he filed were false allowing him to not pay the workers portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Sinprasong was charged by a federal grand jury for defrauding his employees, harboring illegal aliens and other charges related to immigration and the IRS. He will serve multiple years in prison and fines for each account.

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