Immigration in 2011 – Part 1 of 10, Emphasis on Border and Interior Enforcement

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) recently published “What to Watch Out for in Immigration in 2011” and MVP Law Group will be doing a 10 part series on the key issues discussed.

Topic #1:Emphasis on Border and Interior Enforcement

With the rise of new leaders in the House of Representatives, it’s clear that the focus will centered upon border security and interior enforcement. Spending was increased last year for additional fencing at the border, surveillance technologies, as well as an increase of boots on the border. In 2011, it’s expected we will see an even greater increase in spending and bills aiming to tighten the border.

AILA is cautious towards such a drastic enforcement of the borders saying it, “ultimately will neither be effective, nor fix our immigration system, nor help the economy grow.” AILA goes on to further argue that the mass deportation that many are suggesting is very costly and unrealistic. AILA urges enforcement of the borders to be carried out in the best interest of public safety and justice.

Additionally, AILA believes the new Congress will likely introduce legislation that restricts immigrant’s access to basic services as a result of individuals wanting to protect jobs for American workers. Ultimately, AILA predicts the tight restrictions on immigrants and increased border security will only hurt the economy in the end.

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