Immigration News – Top News Stories – USCIS fee Increases

List of some of the Top News Stories related to USCIS fee Increases:


Forbes, 8/3/20:

New USCIS Immigration Fees Hit Businesses, Citizens And Students

The Trump administration is imposing higher fees and this article feels it Is just part of the administrations actions to restrict immigration and burden businesses and potential citizens.

Complex, 8/2/20:

U.S. Immigration Fees Set to Increase by $500

This article points out that the cost of online naturalization applications will jump from $640 to $1160 on October 2. It also mentions the USCIS will for the first-time force asylum seekers to pay a $50 fee.

Fox News, 8/1/20:

Trump administration to increase immigration fees, impose fee for asylum claims

The Trump administration announced on Friday that they were increasing immigration fees and for the first time, imposing a fee for asylum claims!

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