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List of some of the Top News Stories from this week, related to Immigrant Children:


CNN (, 6/14/18:

What it’s like inside the former superstore in Texas where the US is holding 1,400 immigrant children

More than 1,400 boys, ages 10 to 17, are being kept at a former Walmart Superstore in Texas by the Department of Health and Human Services for Customs and Border Protection. The reporter gets a tour of the Casa Padre shelter! This is all part of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new “zero-tolerance” border policies!



Washington Post (, 6/14/18:

Ryan opposes Trump policy of separating immigrant children from parents

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Thursday he opposes the new Trump administration “zero-tolerance” policy of forcibly separating immigrant children from their parents at the border.



Palm Beach Post (, 6/14/18:

NEW: March to Mar-a-Lago to protest separating immigrant children, families

Protesters which are part of the “Family Belong Together March” will be marching across the Southern Boulevard Bridge to Mar-a-Lago, close to the President’s Private Golf Club and where he stays most weekends. They want to deliver a message to President Trump about his immigration policy of separating children from their parents! The march is scheduled for Thursday, June 14th in the evening!

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