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List of some of the Top News Stories related to DACA: 


NBC News (, 10/20/22: 

With DACA on life support, Microsoft, Apple and other big U.S. firms launch ad campaign to protect ‘Dreamers’ 

Microsoft, Apple, Meta and dozens of other companies launched an ad campaign to push Congress to pass a new law that would protect migrants known as “Dreamers,”!  



Best Colleges (, 10/18/22: 

Here’s How DACA Court Decisions Could Impact College Students 

With a Texas court ready to rule on the future of DACA, this article discusses the impact on nearly 100,000 Dreamers how are enrolled in colleges across the United States. 



Univision (, 10/19/22: 

Only a bipartisan deal this year can save the Dreamers 

President Biden is trying to stop any mass deportations of DACA recipients also known as Dreamers. What is really needed is a law rather than another temporary program to protect Dreamers! 

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