How Asylum works in America

How asylum works in America, is how the asylum process works in the United States. This News Nation report tries to explain the Asylum process and how hard the process really is. 

The report states, “Hundreds of thousands seek asylum in the United States, but only a small fraction of those are admitted. Asylum-seekers face a difficult system fraught with legal delays and personal limbo as they try to build a life in a new country without knowing if or when they will be allowed to work, to travel internationally or simply whether they will be allowed to stay.” 

Here are some of the questions that this news report tries to answer, and they do a respectable job of it:

  • Who qualifies to seek asylum? 
  • How does asylum work? 
  • How long does it take? 
  • Can asylum-seekers be detained? 
  • What happens to people waiting? 


News Nation Video/Article (About 3.5 minutes) 


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News Nation (, 4/11/23, News Report: 

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