Final Defendant in California Restaurant ICE raid receives sentence

After an investigation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) beginning in September 2008, the seventh and final defendant of the restaurant raids was sentenced. The Asian buffet restaurant owner was sentenced to eight months of home confinement and three years probation on charges of knowingly employing illegal aliens and mail fraud. Additionally, the judge ordered the owner to pay $49,000 in criminal fines.

As a result of the investigation, ICE arrested 21 illegal alien workers on administrative immigration violations who were encountered at the search locations.

Additionally, the judge noted that the restaurant owner had conspired with an employment agency to hire aliens, who due to their illegal status, were subject to exploitation. The judge also made note that the defendant benefitted financially by not paying taxes, fees and proper salaries for the illegal employees.

ICE aggressively targets employers who violate immigration laws!

The MVP Law Group encourages all employers to abide by the rules and regulations and keep and maintain accurate and up-to-date I-9 forms for all employees.

If you are interested in conducting an I-9 compliance audit, please contact our office!

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