Attorney General Cuomo Shuts Down 7 Companies for Providing Fraudulent Legal Services to Immigrant Communities

Recent scams have targeted New York’s immigrants, causing them to face substantial fees and possible deportation. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has taken a stand against these scams by shutting down and filing lawsuits against seven different companies. Specifically, these companies have been targeting and misrepresenting themselves to immigrants, falsely promising legal citizenship, and giving their cases over to non-attorneys who have provided them with incorrect legal advice. Under New York State law, it is unlawful to mislead or defraud any person in immigration-related services. These companies and their owners have been permanently barred from operating any immigration services businesses and must collectively pay $370,000 in damages to the State of New York.

As a result of Cuomo’s efforts these companies are now facing monetary penalties, they must report any complaints, and they are required to inform their clients they no longer offer immigration services.

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