Affordable Care Act Update: Helpful Hints about Immigration Status

How does your immigration status affect your eligibility for health care benefits under the
Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Not Sure? USCIS has put together a list of helpful links from website that may help you.

The website includes some helpful resources and they are listed below:

Common immigration documents that you may need to apply for health insurance;
Health insurance options for your family;
How your immigration status affects your eligibility for health insurance; and How you can verify your citizenship and immigration status to help you apply

Note: Open enrollment ends March 31, 2014

Source of Information:

USCIS, 3/14/14, USCIS Email Message:
Affordable Care Act Update: Helpful Hints About Immigration Status
AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 14031340 (Posted 3/13/14):
USCIS on the Impact of Immigration Status on ACA Benefits

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