Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Processing Times – 9/1/16

Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Processing Times were released with processing dates as of 9/1/16.

If you filed an appeal, please review the link below to determine the applicable processing time associated with your particular case.

Administrative Appeals Office

The processing time for an I-129 H-1B Appeal is current; for an I-129 L1 Appeal is current. The current processing time for an I-140 EB2 Appeal for an Advanced Degree Professional is current; for an I-140 EB3 Appeal for a Skilled or Professional Worker is current.

*Current = 6 months or less

**Other cases are within USCIS’s processing time goal of 6 months or less

Source of Information:, (9/26/16), AAO Processing Times

AILA Doc. No. 16092734. (Posted 9/26/16)

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