AAO Processing Times – FY 2024 1st Quarter

The Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) provides an updated ‘processing times’ in table form, with information on FY2024 first quarterly completions; October 2023 to December 2023. These figures indicate the time that it takes from the date the case is received at AAO coming from the Service Center or District Office to completion.

AAO Processing Times were released with processing dates as of 1/19/24. If you filed an appeal, please review the link below to determine the applicable processing time associated with your particular case.


Note: Starting with the January 2017 Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Processing Times Report, the AAO has changed how it presents processing time data. The AAO will now provide, by form type, the total number of case completions for the fiscal year quarter and the percentage completed within 180 days, cases completed divided by their projected case goal.


Timeliness of Fiscal Year 2024 First Quarter Completions (October – December 2023)

The processing time for an I-129H1B (H-1B) Appeal is 100% (28); for an I-129L (L1) Appeal is 100% (26). The current processing time for an I-140D (EB2) Appeal for an Advanced Degree Professional is 100% (3); for an I-140E (EB3) Appeal for a Skilled or Professional Worker is 100% (11).


For further details please review the USCIS Web Page, “The Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)“.


Source of Information:
USCIS.gov, (1/19/24), Web Page: AAO Processing Times

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