Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Champs

Posted On: February 5, 2013

It might be cold and grey out in Maryland, but you would never know it. Locally, our area has a lot to celebrate as we enter February! Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for their latest victory. They once again demonstrated strength, poise, and perseverance as they prevailed in Super Bowl XLVII. They have shown resolve and spirit - typical Baltimore-an! As high-profile leaders in our community, the Ravens set a good example of service to others, showing what teamwork can do, on and off the playing field. Whether or not you are a fan of American football, it is impossible to not love Baltimore and not be - at least a little - caught up in Purple Pride. They have provided an inspirational lift for all of us to reach beyond our dreams this season. Let's hope this spirit of teamwork lives beyond Super Bowl Sunday. We look forward to the Ravens homecoming and the parade in the days to come.